How to paint your Best Computer Case

The Best way to make your PC looks attractive is to design it with a beautiful Case. The Best Computer Case will help you to get this look to your PC. If you want to provide fashionable look to the case then there is no way ever than to paint it with the latest art. Repainting your case with nice colors and designs will create a new look to your PC. The painting works should be taken with good care and support. If you are unaware of how to do this, here are some simple steps on how to paint your Best Computer Case.

best computer case Steps to paint your Best Compute Case:

In the first step you need some basic tools to open the case like screw drivers, etc. You can get these tools for low cost only. You may not worry about the cost of project. Sometime you need not to purchase these tools as they are available in the garage storage.

Step 1: Shutdown PC

The first step you need to do is to turn off your computer. You cannot paint your case with system running. So make your computer to shut down and remove its power supply from the socket. Then you need to unplug all the cables that are in the joint of CPU.

Step 2: Remove the Case

In the second step you need to unscrew the case. Provide corresponding boxes to the inside components of case so that it may not get damaged until painting work finishes. Locate the panel screws and remove those using sufficient tools and place it separately for painting.

Step 3: Clean and Smoothen:

After removing the Case from the computer takes a neat cloth that removes the dust particles from the case. You can find some removable paint marks on the case. Just remove those marks with a wet cloth. Clean the surface of case as it should remain empty without any marks. Make sure you don’t miss a single corner so that you can paint it again.

Step 3: Clear the old paint

Now take a Sand paper and clear remove the existing paint works on the case. Take the sand paper and rub gently on the edges so that it will not get damages.

Stet 4: Apply new coat

This is the most important step in entire Painting works. Make sure you have a dried surface on the case. Now apply very thin coat of paint on the case. Check the proper level of spray it should not be over sprayed again. Hold the spray as tight as possible to not get shaken. If the spray get shake then it may ruin your complete painting work. Gently complete every corner of the case with paint spray.

best computer case

Step 5: The Final Step

 After you have completed spraying the case wait for some time to let it dry. After you confirm the painting dried assemble the Best Computer Case with the system parts and provide power supply to it.